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‘We believe we can achieve’

The current core Christian value is FAITH

‘I wish St Michael’s was one of those schools that you could stay in until you are 18, that way I wouldn’t need to leave the school and my friends’

Top School St Michael's Church
Bottom School The Paddock

As a Church School we seek to ensure that the ethos and principles of Christianity underpin the experiences of the children in our care.

'Do unto others as you would have them do to you' (Luke 6:31)

September 2015 - New Parent Tour Dates

If your child is due to start school in September 2015 and you would like to come and visit St Michael's, our tour dates are:

Thursday 13 November at 11.00am

Tuesday 18 November at 11.00am

Monday 1 December at 11.00am

If you would like to book onto one of these tours, please contact the school office. Please note these are the only tour dates available.




Ofsted - March 2013

It is official - St Michael's is a 'good' school with children who show 'outstanding' behaviour!

'Pupils are exeptionally welcoming and polite. They understand fully and embrace the school's core values of respect, care, tolerance and concern for all. They apply these principles consistently both in class, between lessons and during break times'.

'Pupils are keen to come to school as is evident from their high attendance and excellent punctuality. Their exceptionally positive attitudes in class make a strong contribution to learning. They listen attentively when others are speaking and work productively on all tasks set.'

'Pupils are confident they are safe at school. They have mature attitudes to personal safety including safe behaviour and ensuring the safety of others. This is because of the school's highly effective personal development programme.'

Ofsted - 2013

PDF icon Ofted Report - March 2013 (208KB)

Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report - April 2010

'The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St Michael’s as a Church of England school are good'.

PDF icon SIAS Report - April 2010 (125KB)

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